" Learn the ancient art of growing mushrooms on logs.  Work with nature. Work with the seasons. Simple."

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Set yourself up with delicious, nutritious mushrooms for years to come. 


Date: Saturday 22nd July, 2023

Time: 8.45 arrival for a 9am start. Finish around 12pm.

Location: at Millen Farm, Samford Valley, Old

Investment: $95 (including all materials)

What to bring: 

All the materials to make your shiitake mushroom log will be provided.  Please come prepared with comfortable clothing and covered shoes, as the workshop will involve hands-on activities and the use of a drill and hammer (optional). 

Taking home your logs:

You will receive two inoculated shiitake logs to take home. Plus instructions on post-workshop care and log placement. 

When to expect mushrooms?

It will take 18 months - 2 years for the mushrooms to begin fruiting from your log. But with a bit of care, you should harvest shiitake mushrooms for 3-5 years from your logs. They will fruit when the conditions are right - most likely in the cooler months - usually after heavy rain or a drop in temperature.

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With a little tiny bit of care (and a bit of patience) you can have delicious, nutritious mushrooms for 3-5 years. 

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Growing Made Simple

“Thank you for opening up your AMAZING garden this year. I absolutely loved touring your garden and listening to you speak.”


Growing Made Simple

“The sight of rows upon rows of vibrant vegetables and thriving fruit trees was incredible. I left your place feeling inspired and eager to start my own edible garden.”


Growing Made Simple

“What struck me most about your garden was the simplicity of it all. Seeing such an incredible variety of crops thriving in an organized and manageable space was truly inspiring. ”


What are you waiting for?
Susanne Engelhard

About the presenter:

Susanne Engelhard is a dedicated advocate for bringing back the backyard edible garden! She garnered acclaim in 2020 for spearheading the immensely popular Samford Edible Garden Trail, showcasing diverse edible gardens around SEQ and cultivating a sense of community among green thumbs and non-green thumbs alike. Susanne took the lead in establishing a community garden in Samford Valley and currently serves as the Community Gardener. 

Susanne's mission is to simplify the process of growing organic food at home so that it becomes easy and doable even in today's fast-paced world.  You'll regularly find her at speaking engagements and workshops, interviewing inspiring local growers, and writing about why growing food in communities makes for happier humans. She is the Director of Growing Made Simple.  You can connect with her projects at growingmadesimple.com.au