I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.  — Mother Teresa.

💚🌿 It is a lot easier to be part of the solution when you know where to start. Here are three ways. 🌿💚

Start growing even just a little bit of your own herbs, fruit or veges in your backyard.  

Learn and Discover! 

Buy what you can from local farmers.

Visit the next Moreton Bay Farm Trail to find out where they are!

Get your weekend ticket!

Support Green Thumb Farm

We are a community farm making a real difference, but we need people like you! 

Make a donation - join a program - brings your kids - visit and share the word!


Saturday 16th March & Sunday17th March, 2024.

Join Susanne and the team, in what promises to be a dynamic weekend-long showcase of local farms across the Moreton Bay region. Makes the most of this unique opportunity for the whole family to experience a glimpse behind the gates of some of Brisbane's most inspiring local farms - buy fresh produce and artisan products all while enjoying a relaxing drive through the stunning Moreton Bay countryside.

>>> Tickets are closed <<<

Take a deep breath...wind the windows down...enjoy the drive... and make memories with your kids. At first it feels like something extra to do, but you'll soon forget that. These are the moments that your kids will remember. And you will too. I promise. (And there will be coffee carts for when you need it.) 

Meet local families on small farms giving it a go. Rediscover how nice it feels to talk to the people who you are buying from. It feels really different. It adds meaning, and story. 

I believe growing food at home is good for children, good for families, and good for the planet.

When people learn to grow even a small amount of food at home, it often snowballs to something much bigger.

An awareness of the seasons, and what grows locally.

A respect for what it takes to grow good quality food, and the impact of the weather and natural disasters.

A commitment to make small acts of change to support the locally grown food movement. Thanks for being here. signature_background



"Such a fun, hands on workshop! A great community experience. Thank you!" Karin


"Everything was explained in a way that was so easy to understand. From starting small and expanding from there - without feeling overwhelmed. Thank you Susanne!" Jodie