About Growing Made Simple

Established in 2023, by local food growing advocate Susanne Engelhard. Growing Made Simple is a Profit for Purpose company dedicated to advancing the locally grown food movement. 

In 2024, we launched the inaugural Moreton Bay Farm Trail, shedding light on local farmers and championing support for the burgeoning local farming movement in the Moreton Bay region of SEQ. We offer talks and workshops to inspire people of all ages and abilities to grow food at home. 

About our Founder

Drawing on her extensive experience in public health initiatives across Australia, Susanne operates at the nexus of personal and community wellness, propelled by a vision to inspire a reconnection with local seasonal food. 

Susanne is driving force behind Green Thumb Farm, a community urban farm nestled in Samford Valley.  Susanne spearheads efforts to link children and adults of all ages and abilities with the physical, mental and social benefits of gardening to grow food. Her advocacy endeavours are concentrated on securing increased funding for Green Thumb Farm, acknowledging its significance within an integrated public health and wellness strategy throughout the broader Brisbane area.

Since 2020, Susanne has been instrumental in shaping a local narrative in support of locally grown food initiatives. She led the charge with the Samford Edible Garden Trail, an initiative designed to inspire individuals to grow their own food in backyard gardens through listening and learning from local people who were already doing it. This initiative has evolved into a highly anticipated open edible garden event, sparking similar initiatives across Southeast Queensland (SEQ).